Did You Know: Why Do We Remove Our Wisdom Teeth?

Impacted wisdom tooth diaagramNo, wisdom teeth do not make you smarter. Wisdom teeth get their name from the time that they typically appear in your life, which is in your late teens to your early twenties. Your wisdom tooth is your third and final set of molars appear. They are the most commonly removed tooth in patients as almost everyone will need to address them at some point in your life.

Question and Answer: Wisdom Teeth

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Grow In Crooked?

It is not true that all wisdom teeth grow in crooked.  It sometimes happens that wisdom teeth will grow in perfectly straight and with enough room to grow. In these rare cases, wisdom teeth do not need to be removed and can use as an extra set of food grinders to assist with eating.

What Problems Do Wisdom Teeth Cause When They Grow In Crooked?

When wisdom teeth do actually grow in crooked is when the problems for you will begin. Misaligned wisdom teeth attempting to grow in will cause numerous issues such as overcrowding, crooked teeth, damage to neighboring teeth, headaches, jaw pain, and even nerve damage.

What Do It Mean When My Wisdom Tooth Is ‘Impacted?”

An impacted wisdom tooth is a tooth that is unable to get through your gums due to it being blocked by another tooth or teeth.  When there is not enough room for your wisdom tooth to come through your gums, it will result in serious discomfort and severe pain. If your impacted wisdom tooth does manage to break through your gums even just a little, it can be the site for infection and gum damage.

Does It Hurt To Have A Wisdom Tooth Removed?

Not nearly as much as it does to leave your wisdom tooth impacted and continue causing damage inside your mouth; however, the answer is no, it does not hurt to have your wisdom teeth removed. Depending on how severe your situation is, we may choose to use a local anesthetic or we may also decide to use sedation, whichever makes you more comfortable.

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