Headache Therapy Williamsport, PA

Are you experiencing headaches, especially in the morning?

Frequent headaches may be a sign of a complex dental concern and should not be ignored. Regarding your dental health, headaches may be an indication of teeth grinding, sleep apnea, and even crooked teeth. Dr. Joyce Kim is an experienced dentist in Williamsport, PA that offers advanced, comprehensive solutions for patients experiencing headaches associated with sleep apnea, teeth grinding, TMJ, or a misaligned bite. If you suffer from frequent headaches, you may benefit from scheduling an appointment with Dr. Kim where she can help determine why you are getting them.

Dr. Joyce Kim may recommend patients undergo a bite analysis, jaw alignment evaluation, and a full comprehensive exam to determine if their headaches are the result of a complex dental issue. During your evaluation, Dr. Kim will determine the root cause of your headaches and create a personalized treatment plan based on your needs.

TMJ Headaches treatment in Williamsport PA

Headaches and Your Oral Health

Bruxism: Headaches that occur shortly after waking up may be a symptom of teeth grinding. Patients who grind their teeth may also experience worn, damaged, or broken teeth. Teeth grinding may even increase your risk of developing TMJ or another complex disorder. Patients should visit our Williamsport dental office to undergo a full comprehensive exam to determine if teeth grinding is causing their headaches. Dr. Kim offers many treatments to help with teeth grinding. First, she will fix the damage caused by the grinding with restorative dentistry treatments. Then, she will make a custom mouthguard to be worn at night. This will act as a protective shield to prevent the grinding from causing more damage.

Sleep Apnea: Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that causes the soft tissue in the back of the throat to collapse, which causes a restriction of airflow. Patients who have sleep apnea may also experience loud snoring or waking up gasping for air. In advanced cases of sleep apnea, patients may repeatedly take pauses in their breathing while they sleep. Dr. Kim offers sleep appliance therapy as a solution for patients with sleep apnea.

Crooked or Misaligned Teeth: Crooked or misaligned teeth can cause tension in the jaw. Dr. Kim offers Invisalign clear aligners. They are a discreet and comfortable solution to realign crooked teeth. The clear aligners work by slowly moving the teeth into alignment. They should be worn for 22 hours a day and they are switched out about once a week. Gradually, over several months, your teeth will move into proper alignment. Invisalign has helped many people attain straighter teeth and correct their bites. This eliminates all the sides effects including frequent headaches.

Headache FAQs

Can a toothache cause my headache?

Typically, a toothache is a sign of an infection in the tooth. While this mainly causes pain in the jaw and gums, it can sometimes cause headaches and dizziness as well. It’s definitely important to call your dentist if you’re experiencing this.

How can I tell if tooth grinding is causing my headaches?

You may not know that you’re grinding your teeth at night. But there are still signs that it’s happening. Headaches from this typically occur right after waking up. You may also notice pain in your jaw or tension throughout your face. Your teeth may be sensitive and show extensive wear in areas, or may even be broken or chipped. If you live with someone, they also may be able to hear you grinding your teeth at night. All of these symptoms can lead to a conclusion of bruxism.

What should I do if I’m having regular headaches?

First, call us and make an appointment. The underlying cause of the headaches has to be treated for them to fully subside. Until you’re seen, utilize over-the-counter pain medications and resting your eyes to help manage the headaches.

Relief For Headaches in Williamsport, PA

If you are dealing with regular headaches and can’t seem to find relief, you may want to schedule a visit to Loyalsock Dental. We understand that suffering from recurring headaches can affect your health and your overall quality of life. Dr. Joyce Kim is an experienced dentist who is dedicated to helping you find the relief you need. To learn more about your treatment solutions, visit Loyalsock Dental or request an appointment online.