Dental Fillings Williamsport, PA

Do you have tooth pain from unaddressed tooth decay?

Tooth decay is typically treated with a dental filling. Dr. Kim places all types of dental fillings to meet your dental health and aesthetic needs. In most cases, composite resin fillings are recommended for the most natural-looking and lasting result.

Dental fillings play an important role in helping patients of all ages maintain the integrity of their smile, helping to avoid tooth damage that may result in the need for a root canal, extensive restorative treatments, or even tooth replacement.

Technological advances have made it possible for fillings to look more like the natural surface of a tooth. These fillings, called resin composite-based fillings, both look and feel like your actual teeth. The color of a composite filling is very similar to the color of a tooth’s enamel, and it is as strong, or stronger than old metal fillings. A large range of composite shades and colors are available for a dentist to use in order to match your tooth color as closely as possible and leave you with a confident, natural-looking smile.

Composite resin fillings are especially useful to restore or fill cavities in front teeth since they are nearly impossible to distinguish from a patient’s real teeth.

Types of Fillings

  • Amalgam fillings: also called “silver” fillings, this is the standard filling material that has been used for many years due to ease of application, durability, and economical cost. However, some patients face the risk of health effects due to mercury in the material, and over time, these types of fillings can break down and “leak”.
  • Composite resin fillings: color-matched to your existing teeth, white fillings provide a natural result with lasting durability. The process and material used are able to create a tight seal around the affected area, preventing future decay or infection.
  • Gold fillings: recommended for fillings in the larger back teeth, gold fillings provide a strong biting surface and lasting result.
  • Porcelain fillings: the highest quality filling material, porcelain will be the most natural-looking and stain-resistant result.
  • Inlays and onlays: also called an indirect filling, this type of treatment for tooth decay will require 2 visits to our office. A restoration procedure, inlays and onlays will be made in a lab using dental impressions taken during the first visit. Recommended for more extensive damage or when addressing cosmetic concerns, inlays and onlays are made from high-quality ceramic or porcelain.

Dental Filling Process At Loyalsock Dental

Composite fillings can be completed in a single visit, and require almost no recovery time. Many dentists allow their patients to eat normal foods almost immediately after having a filling completed.

Patients are kept comfortable with a local anesthetic to numb the treated area. Dr. Kim will then remove the decay and any tooth structure that has been compromised before gently sculpting the chosen material into place. She will work with you to ensure that your bite is comfortable before sealing and polishing the surface.

Good oral hygiene and routine dental care can keep your teeth and gums in optimal condition and avoid further damage or decay. If you are experiencing tooth pain and don’t know why, schedule a dental exam with Dr. Joyce Kim in Williamsport, PA today. Give us a call at (570) 989-5271.

Dental Filling FAQs

Does getting a filling hurt?

Many people experience a little fear when they’re told they need a cavity filled. But you don’t have to worry about pain. You’ll be numbed thoroughly and most patients experience little to no discomfort, let alone pain.

Is it normal to have fillings?

Tooth decay is one of the most common problems Americans face. Over 90% of adults have fillings. And of that number, many have three or more. Fillings are something almost any American will experience at some point. Teeth are particularly susceptible in children and the elderly.

Can fillings wear down over time?

Like our regular teeth, it’s not uncommon for fillings to deteriorate over time. If you’re visiting your Williamsport, PA dentist regularly, our staff can tell you if we notice this issue.

When can I eat and drink after I get a dental filling?

We recommend waiting to eat and drink an hour after your composite filling treatment. Wait 24 hours before you eat hard, sticky, or crunchy foods.

Do dental fillings look natural?

The material of your filling will impact the appearance of your smile. White dental fillings look more natural than gold or amalgam fillings made of metal. The resin materials are custom-mixed to blend in with the shade of your natural tooth, so no one will see a difference when you smile, talk, or laugh.

How much are dental fillings?

The cost of your dental fillings depends on the following:

  • The number of fillings you need
  • Filling material (metal, resin, gold)
  • Location of the filling
  • The size of your cavity

We will examine your smile and estimate your filling cost before treatment.