Pediatric Dentistry Williamsport PA

Loyalsock Dental provides children’s dental services for families in the Williamsport area, welcoming patients from many local communities including Duboistown, Linden, Jersey Shore and Elimsport. Starting routine dental care as early as possible will help prevent the development of common concerns, allow for early intervention for issues related to the development of the bite and lay the foundation for lifelong oral health.
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Family Dental Care in Williamsport

Dr. Kim offers the convenience of a family dentist office, making it easier for today’s busy families to manage everyone’s oral health care in one location. Patients appreciate the ability to visit the dentist with their children and making the establishment of healthy oral habits a family event.

Our team takes time with patients of all ages to educate them on age appropriate oral hygiene and the benefits of maintaining their dental health. We can also monitor the stability and structure of growing smiles, making any necessary recommendations for orthodontic treatment to address malocclusion and other developmental concerns.

Family dentistry enables parents and caregivers to model healthy habits for young children who may feel anxious in the dental office setting. Being treated alongside someone they trust can relieve stress and help them feel relaxed when they come in for routine dental care.

Dental caries or tooth cavities are a common childhood disease and can occur in the primary teeth. Treating tooth decay as soon as possible is important in order to avoid more extensive damage or infection that can spread to the soft tissues.

Daily tooth brushing should start as soon as the first primary tooth erupts. Starting early is the key to developing lifelong habits and establishes oral hygiene as a normal part of your child’s daily routine.

The primary teeth play an important role in the eventual development of the permanent teeth as well as yur child’s facial structure and speech. Losing primary teeth can be a “big deal” sometimes, impacting the position of the permanent tooth behind it and affecting your child’s abilithy to speak clearly.

Maintaining the health and structure of your child’s primary teeth will ensure the best possible scenario as they grow.

Dental sealants are a clear coating that is applied to the surface of larger teeth in the back of the mouth. The cusps of the molars are varied and can be the perfect place for food particles to lodge, leading to decay.

Dr. Kim often recommends placing dental sealants once the molars have broken through the gums to reduce the risk of cavities. Even adult patients can benefit from having dental sealants placed, especially if they are prone to tooth decay or have damaged enamel.

Dental sealants typically last about 10 years, but we will montior their condition during routine visits.