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Dentures & Partials An Overview

Replacing several missing teeth, a full arch of missing teeth or all of your teeth can now be achieved with treatment options that provide natural-looking and functioning results. Dr. Kim provides comprehensive restorative dental care in Williamsport and works with patients on an individualized basis to replace missing teeth with the most appropriate option for their health needs, aesthetic goals, and budget.

Dentures and partial dentures have been a replacement option for many decades and have also been the beneficiary of recent advances in materials, bonding techniques, and the development of dental implants.

Today’s patients can now receive a new set of teeth that look, feel and function much like their natural teeth. Dr. Kim will thoroughly evaluate the condition of your oral health, your dental health, and medical history and discuss your concerns before making recommendations personalized to your smile.

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Types of Dentures

Dentures can be removable or fixed, secured permanently in place by dental implants. Dr. Kim often recommends implant-secured dentures so patients can enjoy the benefits of a new smile that is stable and secure, feeling like it has always been there.

  • Partial dentures: similar to a dental bridge, a partial denture can replace several consecutive missing teeth. Partials can be secured with dental implants for permanent results.
  • Full dentures: replacing a full arch or all of your missing teeth will require a full denture. Full dentures can also be secured with implants.
Does your denture slip or fall out?

Dr. Kim can replace an ill-fitted denture with a new implant-secured denture. This can be life-changing for anyone who suffers from a slipping denture that makes it difficult to eat and speak.

Dentures & Partials What to Expect

The process for placing a traditional removable denture will begin with a consultation to examine your oral health, including any diagnostics considered necessary for a comprehensive evaluation of your jaw structure. Once the type of denture has been decided upon, Dr. Kim will coordinate any tooth extractions or gum treatments that may be necessary for stabilizing your oral health.

If you still have some or all of your teeth, impressions will be taken prior to any extractions in order to create a denture that replicates your natural tooth structure.

Once impressions are taken, your new denture will be ordered by Dr. Kim and fabricated in a dental lab. Dr. Kim will also use impressions to provide a temporary appliance for wear until your new one is complete.

Implant-Supported Dentures

If dental implants are being placed to secure your denture, Dr. Kim will coordinate with a local oral surgeon to place the post into the jaw.

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A healing period of several months is needed before attaching the denture, during which a temporary, removable appliance can be placed. The temporary denture can serve as a backup once the final restoration is placed if that becomes damaged down the road.

After the healing period is over, an abutment cap will be placed on the posts and new impressions will be taken to account for small changes in the structure of the gums after wearing your temporary appliance. This will enable a more accurate and secure fit for the final restoration once placed.

Implant-supported dentures are permanent, secure, and provide the best possible result when replacing missing teeth. Dr. Kim will provide instructions for caring for your new denture to avoid any common dental concerns such as gum disease.

Dentures & Partials FAQs

How long do implant-supported dentures last?

It all relies on them being taken care of properly, but implant-supported dentures can last from 10-20 years or longer. If your jawbone and general oral health are kept up, they should last for a very long time.

What can you eat with implant-supported dentures?

When your dentures are supported by dental implants, you can have a completely normal diet. You get full bite function back and can enjoy almost any food you’d like.

Are implant-supported dentures removable?

Implant-supported dentures are only removed by your dentist. You don’t have to buy any special cleaning products or deal with any extra maintenance with your dentures.