Tooth Extraction Williamsport PA

Tooth Extractions An Overview

Although considered the treatment of last resort for tooth damage or decay, there are certain reasons for performing a tooth extraction that benefit long-term dental health:

  • Overcrowding of teeth
  • Wisdom teeth that are impacting the health or structure of your mouth

Dr. Kim can perform simple tooth extractions in the comfort of our Williamsport dental office. If your case is complex, as wisdom teeth can be, she will work with you to coordinate treatment with a local oral surgeon and follow up on your care.

A tooth extraction may be part of an orthodontic treatment plan to realign the teeth if there is overlapping, overcrowding or other bite-related concerns.

Tooth Extractions What to Expect

A simple tooth extraction is completed in one visit, with most patients being kept comfortable using a local anesthetic.

Once the area is cleaned and the patient feels relaxed and numb, Dr. Kim will gently release the small ligaments that attach the tooth to the gums. She will then rock the tooth back and forth in the socket until it slides out. The open area will be rinsed, cleaned and then packed with gauze to prevent any debris from entering and causing an infection.

We will provide specific instructions for post-treatment care and if stitches were placed we will schedule your return for removal. Most patients will follow a soft diet for several days and can minimize pain and swelling with over the counter pain medications.

If you experience sudden pain, throbbing pain or a return of bleeding, contact our office immediately for advice on how to proceed.