Cosmetic Dentistry Williamsport, PA

Looking for a smile makeover? Unhappy with the color, shape or overall appearance of your teeth?

Cosmetic dentistry can both enhance the appearance of your natural smile and improve your dental health. Dr. Kim can offer a unique blend of experienced, personalized dental care and advanced treatment options to meet your needs. She takes time with you to analyze the health, function, and comfort of your smile, discuss your cosmetic goals and recommend the most suitable options.

cosmetic dentist in Williamsport PA

Do you have discolored or stained teeth?

Dr. Kim can evaluate the cause of your tooth stains or discoloration and offer the best option for whitening your smile with lasting results. While a professional teeth whitening can often meet your needs, there are permanent treatment options for addressing certain types of stains or to alleviate the need for future touch-ups. They can include tooth bonding, and porcelain veneers.

Damaged or broken teeth?

Damaged teeth can lead to more complex dental concerns, even tooth loss, if left untreated. Dr. Kim can repair your chipped, cracked or broken tooth and give you back a healthy, beautiful smile.

Crooked teeth?

If your teeth are crooked, Dr. Kim offers the option of discreet orthodontic treatment using Invisalign® clear braces. Invisible aligners make it easy and convenient to achieve the smile you desire. This treatment can be completed in as little as a single year.

Smile Makeover Consultation

A smile makeover will begin with a consultation. Dr. Kim will go over all aspects of your oral health, learn more about your aesthetic goals and discuss our treatment options. Choosing the right cosmetic dentist, one who will also consider the impact of long-term dental health can impact the integrity of your result. It is important to build upon a healthy, functional oral foundation and address any underlying dental problems that could lead to a break down of your dentistry over time.

If you would like to explore your options and learn more about how cosmetic dental services can improve the health and beauty of your smile, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kim in our Williamsport office.