Can Protein Drinks Cause Dental Problems?

A protein shake is a popular beverage made from protein powder, fruits, and other ingredients that are both nutritious and tasty. Whether you want to supplement your diet or build muscle, you can garner many wellness benefits with protein drinks. However, if you are not careful, protein shakes could harm your teeth.

You can still balance the protein shakes you love with the beautiful look and feel of your smile if you take certain precautions. Read on to find tips from your dentist that can allow you to maintain good oral health while you enjoy protein shakes.

Can Protein Drinks Cause Dental Problems

Watch Out for Grit on Your Teeth

Do you notice a gritty film left on your teeth after you finish a protein shake? The powder within the drink can leave a residue clinging to your smile. But lingering food particles of any kind, including a healthy protein drink, can harm your teeth.

Natural oral bacteria will flock to the leftover grit from your protein shake, which can then eat away at your dental structure and weaken your teeth. This may leave your smile at risk of cavities and other dental issues.

You should remove grit from your smile as soon as possible to prevent this dental damage. If you cannot access your toothbrush to complete your oral hygiene routine, rinse your mouth by drinking water. This can help you stay hydrated while also washing away dangerous residues on your teeth. Talk to your dentist to learn about the oral health benefits of hydration.

Avoid High Sugar Content

You can purchase pre-made protein shakes at your local shop, or you may prefer blending your own drinks. In either case, you should pay attention to the nutrition labels, especially the sugar content.

Sugar infamously poses a threat to your dental health. It becomes acidic when it reaches your mouth’s saliva. And this acid can then erode your dental structure and make it harder to fight tooth decay, surface stains, and more.

Avoid pre-made shakes that contain high amounts of sugar. When making your own shakes, consider alternative ways to add sweetness to your drink rather than sugar. You might want to try vanilla, nutmeg, or cinnamon.

Continue Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Proper oral hygiene habits will help your teeth stay strong and healthy. Then your teeth can better resist potential harm from items in your diet like protein shakes. So make sure you stick to a consistent schedule with your oral hygiene. Skipping teeth brushing or flossing may allow plaque to endanger your smile.

Brush your teeth twice per day, floss every day, and attend professional dental cleanings to maximize your oral cleanliness. Use proper techniques and tools to ensure you can scrub away as many harmful residues from your smile as possible.

This preventative care will keep your smile beautiful and healthy, even when other substances might threaten your oral health. Learn more about oral hygiene, general dentistry, and more when you call your dentist today.