Implant-Supported Bridge Williamsport, PA

Implant-Supported Bridge: Enhancing Dental Stability and Functionality

When a patient has several missing teeth in a row, Dr. Joyce Kim may suggest using a dental bridge secured to dental implants to replace the teeth. Loyalsock Dental Associates can provide you with a custom-made implant supported bridge in Williamsport, PA. This solution will address your tooth loss but will require the placement of multiple dental implants. However, it offers a natural look and offers better stability and functionality.

Implant-Supported Bridge in Williamsport, PA

What is an Implant-Supported Bridge?

An implant supported dental bridge is a dental prosthesis that will replace multiple, consecutive missing teeth. It requires the use of dental implants that will support a dental bridge. The restoration is still made up of pontics, the replacement teeth, as well as dental crowns, the part of the unit that will attach to the dental implants. Your dentist will insert the implant fixtures in the jaw bone at both ends of the gap. Then a custom made dental bridge is secured to them.

How is an Implant-Supported Bridge Different from a Traditional Dental Bridge?

A traditional dental bridge is anchored to healthy teeth that are adjacent to the gap that was created from tooth loss. The dental bridge will rely on these teeth to support the entire unit and will absorb the force of the missing teeth. The adjacent teeth must be reduced in size to accommodate the crown portion of the unit. However, with an implant supported bridge, there is no need to use your adjacent teeth. The dental bridge is secured to dental implants which are inserted into the jawbone. This offers many benefits over a traditional dental bridge including:

  • Stronger foundation for the dental bridge
  • Preserves the bone and prevents bone loss
  • A tooth replacement option that will last longer

The Number of Dental Implants You Will Need

An implant supported dental bridge will require multiple dental implants. The exact number you will need depends on several factors including the number of teeth you are missing. Your jawbone density will also play a role in the number and type of dental implants your dentist will use. In most cases, your dentist will insert one implant fixture on each side of the gap. For example, if are missing three consecutive teeth, your dentist will insert two dental implants and then secure a three bridge unit to them.

The Cost of an Implant-Supported Bridge in Williamsport, PA

The cost of an implant-supported bridge will vary significantly with each patient. Providing each patient with an estimated cost of treatment will require a full exam to determine the current state of your oral health and to determine your needs. In general, an implant supported bridge is more expensive than a traditional bridge because it is a more sophisticated method of replacing teeth. It requires surgery, high end materials, many more dental appointments, and expertise. For your convenience, we offer flexible payment options and will discuss your financing options with your during your consultation.

Dr. Kim will examine your entire mouth to determine if dental implants are the best solution for your missing teeth. She can provide you with an implant supported bridge in Williamsport, PA if you have several missing teeth in a row and qualify for teeth implants.

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