Tooth Bonding Williamsport, PA

Tooth Bonding An Overview

When it comes to quick, economical tooth repair or addressing minor cosmetic concerns, tooth bonding can be the perfect solution for your needs. Ideal for patients of any age, tooth bonding is completed during a single visit and can offer natural-looking results that can last for 10 or more years with proper care.

Dr. Kim often recommends tooth bonding to patients desiring to change the color and shape of a tooth or to address minor chips, cracks and gaps between teeth. An alternative to porcelain veneers, bonding can allow younger patients to restore dental health with less cost and provide adult patients the opportunity to “try out” a new look without the larger commitment of time and money.

Tooth bonding is typically an easy procedure that causes minimal to no discomfort. Completed in one visit with a composite resin material, tooth bonding is not considered a permanent restoration and involves minimal tooth preparation.

Tooth Bonding What to Expect

Tooth bonding will begin with minimal preparation of the tooth surface for the secure placement of the composite resin material. Dr. Kim will carefully sculpt the material as planned to repair or enhance your tooth. Once in place, adjustments will be made for a comfortable bite. The material is sealed using a special light and the surface will be polished for a smooth texture and natural looking appearance.

Tooth bonding is available to both children and adults. Bonded teeth can last for many years with proper care and will maintain the color matched appearance with good oral hygiene and the avoidance of dark beverages that can stain the teeth such as coffee, tea and red wines.