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It is important to protect your teeth (and gums) when participating in contact sports, or any activity that could risk trauma to the mouth. In fact, many sports like soccer, gymnastics, and football require players to utilize a mouthguard before participating. A custom sports mouthguard will help prevent tooth damage, tooth loss, and injury to the gums.

It can also protect any “investment” you have made in the function or appearance of your smile. At Loyalsock Dental, we are happy to provide patients with customized mouthguards. Compared to over-the-counter mouthguards, our customized mouthguards are guaranteed to fit your smile more comfortably while protecting your teeth more effectively as well.

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Mouthguards in Williamsport, PA

Dr. Joyce Kim recommends that patients consider the key benefits of choosing a custom-fit sports mouthguard when choosing the right protection for their teeth. There are important differences to consider when comparing a custom option to those available at sporting goods stores.

  • Snug, comfortable fit: dental impressions are taken and used to create a completely customized fit. This feature makes it possible for the wearer to drink fluids and communicate while in place and often leads to better compliance among young athletes.
  • Improved performance: studies have shown that a custom mouthguard reduces energy spent clenching the jaw to keep one in place, often improving athletic endurance and the ability to concentrate on the field

Dr. Kim provides custom mouthguards for children and adults and in a brief visit can take the impressions needed to create your appliance. Your new mouthguard will be sent back to our office within a couple of weeks, ready to wear.

Oral Appliance Therapy for TMJ Treatment

Dr. Kim may recommend her patients who experience frequent jaw pain or TMJ disorders utilize oral appliance therapy. Oral appliance therapy is when we provide a customized nightguard, similar to a mouthguard, to help relieve symptoms associated with TMJ disorders such as jaw pain, headaches, and earaches.

The nightguard is worn only at night to relieve tension and hold your jaw in a healthier resting position while you sleep. Because many patients hold a lot of their stress and anxiety in their jawbone, waking up well-rested facial muscles can go a long way in decreasing your chances of developing jaw pain throughout your day.

Oral appliance therapy is also great for patients who grind their teeth at night. The nightguard acts as a protective shield over your teeth and prevents any dental damage from occurring. If you suspect you’ve been grinding your teeth at night, talk with Dr. Kim at your next appointment regarding your treatment options.

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Whether you are playing contact sports or you have a dental concern that may be alleviated by a mouthguard, we are happy to consult with you on what a custom mouthguard can do for your smile. Our office is currently accepting appointments from new and returning patients. If you are looking for a dentist in Williamsport, PA, please schedule an appointment online, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Sports Mouthguard FAQs

Why is a custom mouthguard needed?

Over-the-counter mouthguards are designed to be one size fits all. This means that they aren’t secure in your mouth and may do more harm than good when you’re trying to keep them in. You may have to clench your jaw constantly, leading to further problems with TMJ disorders and other issues with tension and pay.

How often do I need a new mouthguard?

It’s ideal to make sure that your mouthguard still fits properly. For children and teens that have growing and changing mouths, they’ll probably need a new mouthguard every new sports season. It’s also essential that mouthguards maintain a certain thickness to be successful. If you have questions about the thickness of your mouthguard, bring it in at your next appointment for us to evaluate.

How do I clean my custom mouthguard?

Whenever you take the mouthguard out, you should at least rinse it with cold water. Never use warm or hot water, as this can warp the mouthguard. You also need to clean it regularly to avoid bacteria growth. Put a capful of mouthwash in a glass, diluting it with water until the mouthguard is covered. Soak it for 30 minutes, rinse it with cold water, and put it somewhere to air dry.

How should a sports mouthguard fit?

Your sports mouthguard should fit firmly and stay aligned with your teeth, particularly your back molars. The mouthguard should be snug against your upper teeth. It should not fit too loose or too tight, as a tight mouthguard can put pressure on your teeth. If you have an ill-fitting mouthguard, you need to visit the dentist for a custom-made replacement.

Why don’t mouthguards cover the bottom teeth?

Sports mouthguards typically cover the upper teeth because they are more likely to get hit or injured. Upper teeth can slightly protrude more than lower teeth, so you will only need a mouthguard to cover your top teeth for contact sports. Your bottom teeth will not be exposed, so it will not need to be covered.

Can I get a sports mouthguard if I have braces?

Yes. We can create a custom-made mouthguard for you if you have braces. It’s important to wear a mouthguard to protect your braces from damage.