Try Adding These 4 Things To Your Diet For A Great Smile

Try Adding These 4 Things To Your Diet For A Great SmileThe fit life is in style these days. Everywhere you go, and on every television channel, you see something about fitness, even at the grocery store. Now when we walk into just about every local grocery store, each store dedicates about four aisles to organic food choices. This is something that was not happening about ten years ago. It is very exciting news, and hopefully, it extends our generation’s length of life, and it has been proven to improve your quality of life as well.

What a lot of us do not know is if eating specific healthy foods will enhance your smile as well. Would you believe that there is something you could drink in the morning or at night that is better for you than coffee, and also slows the growth of bacteria in your mouth that causes gingivitis? Check out the list that we have compiled that you can try to add to your diet for an improved smile.


Black & Green teas have compounds in them that are called polyphenols which are known to slow the growth of bacteria. Black and green teas will also help suppress any breath if you are suffering from halitosis.


Antioxidants are great for your body and your mouth, as they will combat bacteria that cause inflammation. They will also help protect your gums from any type of bacteria that can cause periodontal disease.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is imperative for your overall health and to build strong teeth. As it will allow your body to absorb and consumer more calcium. Try adding different types of milk and fish to your diet such as whole milk, flounder or cod to your diet.

Vitamin C

Another instance where you can improve your overall health and oral health is with vitamin C. Vitamin C does wonders for your immune system, helping your body by producing more collagen. Collagen is the main protein that is used by your body to fight infections including periodontal disease. Try adding foods like kale, broccoli, red or green peppers, orange juice. Also, if you do not enjoy any of these foods, it will not hurt to take a vitamin C supplement in the morning before you start your day.

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