Proper Care for Your Dentures

Patients with missing teeth may notice decreased oral functions, including difficulty eating or speaking normally. Dentures can provide effective teeth replacement treatment through affordable, removable fixtures.

These patients should ensure they keep their dentures clean to get the most out of their dental solution. Dr. Joyce Kim, a dentist located in Williamsport, PA, provides tips for taking care of your dentures for longer-lasting restorative benefits.

dentures aftercare in Wiliamsport Pennsylvania

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

We practice oral hygiene, including brushing teeth twice per day and flossing daily, in order to remove plaque build-up from our teeth and avoid developing dental concerns. You should continue this regimen when you receive dentures.

Dentures can gather plaque as well, though they may resist staining or decay. You will need to brush your dentures with a specialized cleaner to keep your oral fixtures free from build-up that could negatively impact the health of your gums or remaining teeth.

Rinse and Soak Your Dentures

Removable dentures are convenient and allow patients to experience the relief of taking fixtures out of their mouth if they feel uncomfortable. These types of dentures should also be rinsed routinely after eating and when you practice your oral hygiene routine in order to remove lingering food particles and keep them clean.

When not worn, such as when you are sleeping, you should soak your dentures in water or a cleaning solution. Dentures can become warped if they dry out and they may no longer fit properly in your mouth if this occurs.

Schedule Routine Dentist Appointments

Routine dentist appointments play a major role in your oral hygiene because dentists clean plaque from spots in your mouth that may be difficult to reach with typical brushing techniques. You should continue seeing your dentist regularly, at least once every six months, when you receive dentures.

Your dentist will be able to check the fit of your dentures during these visits to ensure they are secure and provide optimal restorative treatment for you. Our face shapes can change as we age, so frequent evaluations will ensure that you are getting the most out of your dentures.

Dentures and Other Tooth Replacements in Williamsport, PA

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