Why Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extractions can be necessary for a number of reasons. If your dentist says you’ll need a tooth extraction in Williamsport, PA, there’s a good reason for it. Extractions are often used as the last resort, as your dentist wants to keep as many of your natural teeth as possible. Dr. Joyce Kim, of Loyalsock Dental Associates, discusses the process and reasoning behind tooth extractions.williamsport, pa tooth extraction

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

One of the main tooth extraction procedures is for wisdom teeth removal. Often these teeth can cause crowding or impact the health and structure of your mouth. As these are usually complex and difficult procedures that can involve impacted teeth, Dr. Kim will coordinate with an oral surgeon to take care of your wisdom teeth extraction.

In our Williamsport office, however, Dr. Kim can perform simple tooth extractions. Extractions are needed when your teeth are overcrowded, overlapping, or having other orthodontic issues. Removing teeth can give your mouth room for teeth to shift and space out in the way they should be.

Tooth extractions are also used as the last resort when you have severe tooth decay. If dental fillings and root canal therapy are ruled out as options to treat the decay, the tooth will have to be removed. If your tooth is severely damaged and there’s no way for it to be repaired, removal is the only option.

The Tooth Extraction Process

For a simple tooth extraction, you only have to make one visit to our Williamsport office. Dr. Kim will thoroughly clean the entire area around the affected tooth. She’ll use a local anesthetic to make sure that the area is numb and you’re comfortable.

After this, Dr. Kim will slowly release the small ligaments attaching the tooth to your gums. Then, she’ll gently rock the tooth back and forth to completely release it from the socket. The socket will be deeply rinsed and cleaned. It’s then packed with gauze to make sure that it stays clean and nothing can get into the area.

We’ll make sure to give you aftercare instructions to ensure that you don’t get an infection. It’s recommended that you take over the counter pain medications to minimize the pain and swelling that you’ll experience. Eat a soft diet as well to avoid irritating the area. If you’ve had stitches and need them removed, we’ll schedule another appointment to get them removed.

How Can I Tell if I Need a Tooth Extraction?

If you’re suffering from severe tooth pain and discoloration in a tooth, there’s a very good chance that it’s infected. At the very least, you’ll need to see your dentist to determine if you need a root canal or something more. If you’re struggling with overcrowded and jumbled teeth, bring it up at your next appointment to see if a tooth extraction is an option.

Tooth Extraction in Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Do you think a tooth extraction will help your oral health? Call us today or schedule an appointment online to see if it’s your best option.