Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

There are so many choices for replacing a missing tooth. It can get overwhelming trying to figure out which option is best for you. There are both permanent and removable options, and a whole host of price ranges. At Loyalsock Dental Associates, Dr. Joyce Kim provides quality dental implants in Williamsport, PA. Are they the right choice for your missing teeth?

dental implants in Williamsport Pennsylvania

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium posts that are placed inside your jawbone. The dentist precisely chooses the best placement to make sure they’re stable and provide the best outcome. An additional piece called an abutment is then placed as what will connect the post to a dental crown. The dental crown is the final piece of the restoration.

Do Dental Implants Provide Specific Benefits?

There are many benefits that come with dental implants that you may not get with other tooth replacement options. First, they’re the only solution that also replaces the tooth root in addition to the tooth itself. This helps stabilize the jawbone and stimulates growth. If you’ve had bone loss due to your missing teeth, this prevents it from going further

Implants are also a permanent form of tooth replacement. Unlike removable dentures, you don’t need adhesives or anything else. If the dental crowns on the top of the restoration get worn down or damaged, they can be replaced.

These feel and look the most like natural teeth. Since they’re anchored in the jaw, you get full stability and use of your tooth back. You can eat what you want, with no restrictions on your diet. They also don’t impact your speech patterns, so you can speak confidently.

What’s the Process for Dental Implants in Williamsport, Pennsylvania?

One of the downsides to dental implants is that they do take a long time. However, a few months to a year is worth it for a permanent solution to your missing teeth. Once the posts are placed, you’ll have to wait around six months for it to heal. This healing time is crucial. The titanium posts have to fuse with the bone in your jaw for the process to be successful.

In addition, the soft tissue has to heal before the abutments are placed. This usually takes a few weeks. It’ll be another period of healing for the abutments. Then, the dental crown can be placed and the restoration is finished.

Though it does take a long time, there’s a reason why dental implants are one of the most popular forms of tooth replacement. Most patients would agree that the process is worth it for full use of your teeth again.

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