Digital Technology: Improving Your Dental Care

Technology has transformed the field of dentistry in the last century and continues to evolve today. From digital x-rays and diagnostics to CAD/CAM for use in dental restorations and treatment planning, today’s dental patients enjoy an improved dental experience and more accurate, lasting results. Dr. Joyce Kim is committed to incorporating leading dental technologies into our Williamsport PA office for the benefit of our patients.

digital dentistry in williamsport pa

Digital Dentistry in Williamsport PA

“Digital dentistry” is a common term that can be applied to a wide range of technologies in use today. Our office uses digital x-rays, significantly reducing radiation exposure for patients and providing instant digital imagery for use in dental exams and treatment planning. Digital x-rays become a part of your digital dental history, stored in our computer system for easy access, 24/7. Digital record keeping is a lasting, accurate dental record can be easily shared with patients or medical professionals in the case of an emergency or with a dental specialist as needed.

Loyalsock Dental also uses CAD/CAM technology to streamline the dental crown process providing superior results along with the convenience of same-day service with on-site design and milling capabilities. Computer-aided design technology is also a key component of the Invisalign®, a process which uses digital impressions and computer software to design a custom set of aligners.

To learn more about how digital technology in our office is improving your dental care, ask your dentist or dental hygienist during your next visit with us. Our team is committed to post-graduate education and the ongoing adoption of dental technology with a proven track record for improving treatment planning and results. We strive to offer the highest standard of dental care using advanced techniques, quality materials and a personal approach.