Can I Benefit From Sedation Dentistry?

Traditionally used for patients that suffer from dental fear, sedation dentistry contains many benefits. It can be used for patients with a variety of other conditions as well, ensuring that they get the dental care they need. Dr. Joyce Kim of Loyalsock Dental Associates, a dentist in Williamsport, PA, discusses the benefits of sedation dentistry.williamsport, pa dentist

What is Sedation Dentistry?

This form of dentistry uses various methods of sedation to keep patients comfortable and relaxed throughout their treatment. At Loyalsock Dental Associates, we offer nitrous oxide sedation and oral conscious sedation.

Nitrous oxide is often known as laughing gas. It’s inhaled through the nose throughout the procedure. You’ll feel relaxed and calm throughout your procedure, but will still be alert and able to answer any questions the dental team may have. The effects of laughing gas start and stop very quickly, so you’ll be able to drive yourself to and from your appointment.

Oral sedation is a step above laughing gas, though they’re sometimes used together. A pill will be prescribed to you that you should take about an hour before your scheduled procedure. You’ll be fully relaxed and may fall asleep. You may also experience amnesia effects and not remember parts of the procedure. With this form of sedation, a ride is needed to and from the appointment.

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

As mentioned before, sedation dentistry is perfect for patients suffering from a fear of the dentist. It enables them to take on their fear and be relaxed to get the help they need. Many patients with dental anxiety avoid things like regular checkups altogether. This can cause more severe dental problems that take time to take care of.

Sedation dentistry can also be ideal for children or people of any age with medical conditions that may prohibit them from staying still for long periods of time. Particularly for intensive restorative dentistry, treatment can be complex and require a longer amount of time in the chair. Sedation can help provide care that’s sorely needed.

With sedation, it’s also possible for more dental procedures to be done in one sitting. You can’t fight the dentist or get in their way accidentally when you’re sedated and calm. Our dental team can work faster and more efficiently to do the multiple procedures you need. This is especially good for dental anxiety patients as it minimizes the number of trips to the office.

Sedation Dentistry at Your Williamsport, Pennsylvania Dentist

Make sure you get the dental care you need, without hindrance. Call us today or schedule a consultation online to discuss treatment with sedation dentistry.