How to Conquer Your Dental Fear

If you feel nervous about upcoming dental work, you are not alone. Nearly one-fourth of individuals around the world suffer from fear of going to their dentist. But you should not let this anxiety stop you from keeping your smile healthy.

With assistance from your dentist, you can stay calm and get the dental care you need to ensure your teeth and gums look and feel their best. Dr. Joyce Kim, a dentist serving patients in Williamsport, PA, describes three ways you can combat dental fear before your next dentist appointment.

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Tips for Staying Comfortable in the Dentist’s Chair

Practice Mindfulness Before Your Appointment

One of the best ways to combat your fear of the dentist is to acknowledge your feelings and prepare for actions to take to minimize their effect ahead of your arrival at the dentist’s office. You can practice mindfulness exercises, such as deep breathing, to soothe and calm you. You can get to the office early enough to check in to your appointment without complications but not so soon that you will spend too much time sitting and building nerves in the waiting room.

Another tip to stay relaxed in the dentist’s chair is to listen to music that makes you happy. You can bring headphones and a music player to use during your procedure that can help you keep anxiety at bay.

Discuss Your Treatment with the Dentist

One method of combatting dental fear before your next appointment is to stay informed about your upcoming dental work. Your dentist wants to make sure you feel at ease in their care, so they will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your treatment.

When you are up-front about your worries and concerns, your dentist can work with you to alleviate the nerves so you can relax in the dentist’s chair. Do not hesitate to contact your dental professional regarding any step of your dental treatment process. They can maintain open communication, whether you need a routine cleaning or more extensive restorative dental solutions.

Inquire About Relaxation Tips

In a family dental practice, preparation for any dental scenario, whether with a lively child or a more intensive case with a senior patient, is key. Therefore, you should know that your dentist will be ready to help you with your unique dental situation, including your dental fear.

In some cases, medical solutions for alleviating anxiety could be ideal. Ask your dentist if you are eligible for sedation dentistry treatment to induce a calming sensation during your next dental procedure.

Stay Prepared for Your Dentist Appointment in Williamsport, PA

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