What To Know About Custom Fit Sport Mouthguards

What Does A Custom Mouth Guard Do?

It is important to protect your teeth (and gums) when participating in contact sports or any activity that could risk trauma to the mouth. A custom sports mouth guard will help prevent tooth damage, tooth loss, and injury to the gums. It can also protect any “investment” you have made in the function or appearance of your smile. Such as previous dental procedures including braces, dental implants, porcelain veneers, and more.

Advantages of A Custom Mouth Guard

Every Mouth Is Different

An off the shelf mouthguard isn’t going to be an exact fit and will require some jaw clenching to keep in place for most people.

Save Money

Custom mouthguards protect more than your mouth- they protect your investment in your dental health. A custom mouthguard costs a lot less than dental reconstruction and emergency dental procedures that can be necessary to address damage.

Custom Options Can Last Longer

Custom mouthguards are made of two strong layers of vinyl material, not only ensuring a snug fit but making them longer lasting. Because they are molded to fit your mouth, a tighter fit means that the mouthguard will last longer, fit better and keep your teeth safe from impact.

Custom Style

A custom mouthguard can be made to match your team colors, with your name printed on it or even a picture!

Dr. Joyce Kim recommends that patients consider the key benefits of choosing a custom fit sports mouth guard when choosing the right protection for their teeth. There are important differences to consider when comparing a custom option to those available at sporting goods stores.

  • Snug, comfortable fit: dental impressions are taken and used to create a completely customized fit. This feature makes it possible for the wearer to drink fluids and communicate while in place and often leads to better compliance among young athletes.
  • Improved performance: studies have shown that a custom mouthguard reduces energy spent clenching the jaw to keep one in place, often improving athletic endurance and the ability to concentrate on the field

Dr. Kim provides custom mouthguards for children and adults and in a brief visit can take the impressions needed to create your appliance. Your new mouthguard will be sent back to our office within a couple of weeks, ready to wear.

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